The tech giant will introduce password-less logins

(Source: Pixabay)

Apple is set to get rid of passwords on its products from next month.

The new feature will role in from September when Apple launch iOS 16.

It’s also rumoured that the iPhone 14 and macOS Ventura for mac will be released around the same time.

Instead of logging into a website using a password, users will now be asked for a Passkey.

What’s a Passkey? 

A Passkey is a digital key you don’t have to remember and is authenticated using Touch ID or Face ID on an iPhone or Mac.

It means iPhone or Mac users have a login that cannot be guessed or leaked.

And it’s just to quick to login!

The Passkey will be stored in the users iCloud Keychain, which already exists to keep not of your passwords.

These digital keys can’t be read by anyone – not even Apple.

Eventually, Apple wants to work in conjunction with Windows and Android to have Passkeys with competing tech giants.