How’s this for awkward?

A text conversation between a disgruntled woman who thought she was texting her unborn baby’s father, but was instead messaging a complete stranger, has gone viral.

The exchange in question happened between a woman named Abbie, and Sophie Watch, from Swindon in the United Kingdom.

Abbie was under the impression she was messaging a man named Aiden, who she believes is the father of her unborn baby.

In the opening message, Abbie wrote: “Hey it’s Abbie, so basically I’m pregnant and you’re the only person I’ve slept with in the past few months so it’s yours, can you give me a call or message so we can talk about it?” 

“Sorry you got the wrong number,” Sophie replied.

Instead of apologising and moving, Abbie assumed it was Aiden trying to shirk his responsibilities.

“What do you mean?” Abbie said.

“I mean you’ve text the wrong number,” said Sophie oince again.

At this point Abbie began to grow frustrated.

“F**k off you’re always running away from responsibilities,” Abbie’s reply read.

“Aiden this is serious.”

Sophie continued to inform Abbie she was texting the wrong person, even sending a selfie to prove she wasn’t Aiden.

“I’m sorry but you have the wrong number, this isn’t Aiden,” she wrote, before sending the selfie.

“Oh what so you’re his girlfriend???? Hahaha wow,” Abbie replied.

“Well tell your d**k of a boyfriend we need to talk about this.

“You’re a mug he cheated on you.”

The exchange gained attention after Sophie posted screen shots on her Twitter account.

Speaking to Uni Lad, Sophie said: “It’s funny, a lot of the replies were calling it fake because I covered my face in the post but I just woke up I’m not posting a picture of my face first thing in the morning and people calling me fake which I found hilarious because if anyone knows me personally knows I love Twitter and I constantly tweet about anything and everything in my life and have done for the past few years.”

In all seriousness though we do hope Abbie got in contact with Aiden eventually.