The town is located at the heel of the country’s boot shape

Thinking of packing your bags and moving somewhere new?

Well, you could do just that AND get paid for it.

A town in Italy is paying people $30,000 (approx €28,522) to relocate there.

The Italian town of Presicce is situated in the Puglia region of Italy’s southern region (the heel of the country’s boot shape).

And they’re offering money to anyone willing to buy an empty house built before 1991.

CNN reports that Presicce has a large number of abandoned homes because people are moving away from the area.

The homes that are on the market are going for around $25,000 but they may require renovations.

So what you have left of the $30,000 can go towards fixing it up.

Efforts to help rebuild the region’s population don’t stop at housing.

According to TimeOut, City leaders are also offering around $1,000 to parents for every newborn baby they have.

With the lack of housing in Ireland, it might not be a bad idea!

So, who’s coming with us?