What words annoy you?

Image via Unsplash.com

‘Amazeballs’ has been voted as the most annoying word.

‘Hollibobs’, ‘awesomeness’, ‘lolz’, and ‘bants’ were found to be the top five most irritating words in a survey by international research agency Perspectus Global.

Terms like ‘fur baby’ (a reference to your pet), ‘totes’ (totally) and ‘bae’ (meaning ‘before anyone else’ AKA your other half) also made the shortlist, according to the Daily Mail.

Almost one fifth of people say their opinion of someone goes down when they hear them using a cringeworthy word. Meanwhile, 13% say they go out of their way to avoid a person who used an annoying phrase.

Here’s the full list of the most annoying words:

  1. Amazeballs
  2. Holibobs
  3. Awesomeness
  4. LOLz
  5. Bants
  6. Nom nom nom
  7. Totes
  8. Bae
  9. Din-dins
  10. Chrimbo
  11. Hanky-panky
  12. Wifey
  13. Sorry, not sorry
  14. Nookie
  15. Happy Friyay
  16. Drinkies
  17. No problemo
  18. Fur baby
  19. Coolio
  20. Methinks
  21. Hot girl summer
  22. No offence, but
  23. Bossing it
  24. Wine-o-clock
  25. My bad