More and more people choosing to lower or pause their alcohol intake.


Image via Unsplash.

A quarter of Irish adults say low or no-alcohol drinks have helped them reduce their alcohol consumption.

Sales for non-alcoholic beers have trebled between 2017 and 2021, from 1.79 million to 5.55 million litres which is a clear sign of change.

As Dry January comes to an end, DrinkAware has published a report highlighting the top tools and techniques for cutting back.

23% of participants say they use an app or calculator while drinking.

The easiest drink counting calculator can be found here.

21% say using measuring cups is helpful to monitor alcohol intake.

There are plenty of resources online that tell you exactly how much alcohol is in a standard drink.

The DrinkAware website will also tell you how long before it is completely out of your system and it shares some insightful facts about alcohol itself.

You can find alcohol supports and services on, and other organisations including