Photo by Tom Sodoge on Unsplash

Alcohol Action Ireland has welcomed a call from Gardaí for a voluntary alcohol ban for all off-licences in Dublin City Centre until late afternoon tomorrow.

The aim is to keep drink of the streets while hundreds of thousands of people attend the country’s biggest St. Patrick’s Day parade.

It’ll be in place until four o’clock but pubs will still serve alcohol from half twelve as usual.

Dr. Sheila Gilheany – CEO of Alcohol Action Ireland – says our national day can lead to drink-related issues:

“The Gardaí wouldn’t ask for it unless they knew there was really a problem, a potential problem that they’re trying to avert. Anybody who’s working in emergency services, they certainly know that with the bank holiday, particularly now St. Patrick’s Day, they frequently will see big demand on services and that’s actually coming from alcohol.”