Time to be the best YOU that YOU can be!

We’re not here to change you – we’d never want to do that.

But maybe recently you’ve been thinking, hmm how could I become a better ME?

Well, you’ve come to the right place – The Hub is here to bring you expert tips on how to create a better you.

Hydrate to be great: Here’s some expert tips on how to make sure you are drinking enough water.

Sean Casey spoke to Ciaran and Rory on The Hub about that all important hydrate.

He delves into the conversation of not drinking enough water, drinking too much water and whether adding cordial is bad for you.

Wish you could drink more water?

Well, Sean is here to help – he recommends adding a band to your bottle – kind of like a marker – and move it as you drink.

It’s a very simple way of keeping track of your water – giving you a visible goal to get the band to the bottom!

Tone down the screen time: A digital detox – a doctor’s recommendation.

Nowadays, we spend most of our time on our phones and they’re usually very close to hand… or in our hand…

Have you ever thought about doing a digital detox, aka, taking time away from your phone, laptop, tv and any other digital device?

Bet you shrugged it off thinking you wouldn’t manage?

Well, here’s some motivation thanks to Dr. Ciara Kelly from the Irish Balance Podcast.

She spoke to Louise Clarke about the benefits of a digital detox.

Mind your skin: this gives a MAJOR boost in confidence

Have you been neglecting your skincare routine?

Louise Clarke caught up with skin care expert Gracey O’Connell to find out her top skincare tips.

Gracey spoke about the need for routine and the necessities when buying skin products.

She also told The Hub about the importance of men looking after their skin

Get moving: stretch that body and get active with yoga

Barry O’Neill is a yoga expert from Claremorris and has been practicing it for over 6 year.

The hub was broadcasting live from Digispace in Claremorris next door to Barry’s studio Bonco.ie.

He explained that he teachs Hot Yoga which is a form of yoga in a room temperatures above 35c.

Barry also explained the mental and physical benefits of Yoga.

Manage stress: Top tips for reducing stress when starting school or college

Starting college can be a very daunting process as it may the first time you have moved away from home.

Rory Egan spoke to Ciaran on The Hub to give some tips to students that might be feeling the pressure.

He encourages students to join societies to make friends and meet people with similar interests.

His top tip for staying physically healthy was to prep as many meals as possible.

Rory also mentioned using college resources like the students union if you are struggling.

Switch it up: Give veganism and an organic lifestyle a go

Veganism can sometimes get a bad name, with a lot of people brushing it off as people ‘having notions’.

However, cutting animal products from your diet can have really good health benefits.

On The Hub, Louise discussed going vegan with Cailin Keaveny.

She cut out animal products from her diet after doctors couldn’t figure out why she kept getting sick.

Cailin explains that removing dairy and meat isn’t for everyone, but helped clear her skin and health problems.

She also gave tips on how to make the switch for anyone interested in the lifestyle.

Sleeping pattern: Nothing feels better than a regular sleep schedule

We could all do with a couple more minutes in bed in the morning or getting to sleep earlier.

Sometimes this can be caused by spending too much time on our phones.

Brian O’Haonghusa is head of Nutrition & Coach at Triage Method Coaching.

He spoke about how much sleep we should be getting in a night , and gives tips on how to achieve that.

Cut it out: A habit like smoking can be tough to kick but is doable

Giving up smoking can be tough and it can be hard to know where to start.

The Hub caught up with Dr Ciara Kelly from the Irish Balance Podcast about the benefits of quitting smoking.

Dr Ciara told us about how even social smoking can affect our health.

If you’re thinking about giving up smoking Dr Ciara has loads of advice.

Mindfulness: Louise tries some meditation on the radio

Daily stresses can really be overwhelming, no matter how big or small.

Taking some time out to give our minds space can be super beneficial – even if only for a few minutes.

Louise spoke to Kasha from the Mindfulness Haven in Galway about meditation and its benefits for body and mind.

She even gave an example of a quick meditation that you can try anywhere.

Louise even tried some meditation during her show with Kasha.

Mental health: Just as important as physical but often forgotten about

Continuing on from mindfulness, Dr Ciara Kelly gave us some tips for looking after your mental health.

Ciara’s tips included eating right, getting exercise and disconnecting from the world and media.

She also mentions about staying connected with friends and loved ones if you’re feeling lonely.


Moderation: want to cut down on alcohol but don’t know how – well read on

We can all be guilty of over-indulging in a drink or two at the weekend, but how do we make the change?

Trying to cut down on the amount of alcohol that we consume can be tough.

Brian O’Haonghusa gave The Hub some tips for reducing our alcohol consumption.

He told us about counting calories during the week so that we can afford a drink at the weekend.

Brian also spoke about liquid calories and how we forget to count them sometimes.

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