That’s a lot of kids.

A woman has been left in shock after she found out her husband is a sperm donor to 47 kids.

She told a Reddit post that she was aware her husband was a sperm donor from early on in their relationship. However, she never quizzed him on it.

The couple have been together eight years and share a 3 year old daughter.

Recently, she decided to ask him about his donations and was horrified to find out the last count came to 47.

Now, she wants to divorce him as she’s worried about what problems this may cause when those children get older.

She told Reddit:

“When we started dating he was very clear that he had donated sperm in the past

“I never asked him how much but just assumed it was just a couple of kids

“Actually ask him last week and he tells me the fertility centres last updated him at 47 kids

I was… Not expecting that many”

She added that:

“I can’t stop thinking about all the problems this will cause when we’re older”.

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