Odhrán Doherty won big on a Lotto Plus 1 ticket his dad bought him.

Image via Instagram/@lotteryie

A 23 year-old from Donegal is in Dublin today to pick up his €1 million Lotto jackpot.

Odhran Doherty from Letterkenny has become Ireland’s newest millionaire. He won big after his dad, Liam, bought him the lucky Lotto Plus 1 ticket.

The pair of them are close and work together on the family farm at The Glebe.

The million euro ticket was bought in Barclay’s Newsagents in Raphoe and the family arrived to Lotto HQ this afternoon in a white hummer.

Image via Instagram/@lotteryie

Odhran was on his way to a party in the local bar when he decided to call into Barclay’s Newsagents to check if he had won anything.

His dad Liam told Donegal Daily:

“He rang me and said the ticket had said he was a winner. He checked with the guy in the shop but they said it was too big for them to tell him how much he had won.

“He told me I had better come out. I thought it was an early April’s Fool joke or something. When I got out to him he came out of the party with his hands above his head and said he was a millionaire.

“I took the ticket off him for safe-keeping and we realised later there was only one winner of the €1 million.”