There’s being organiased and then there’s Tina!

Image via pixabay

We’re only five days in to 2023, and while the majority of us are blearily attempting to get back to normal life, one woman is way ahead of the curve.

Tina Quarrell is already well on the way to being totally prepared for this Christmas.

Posting on a Facebook page called The magical holidays of Christmas – Tina shared a photo of some of the details on why she’s already getting bits together for an event that’s still 12 months away:

“I have 6 adult children 16 grandchildren then all the Birthdays in between. This year my middle daughter gets married that is 3 children married then 3 big Birthdays this year my 3rd eldest grandchild (granddaughter) will be 18 in May my 5th grandchild (another granddaughter) will be 13 in July and my eldest child my daughter will be 40 can’t believe I will have a 40 year old child well adult.”

To be fair that’s a lot of gifts to keep track of!

What did Tina get for all these people then?

“I have also bought Christmas card two Christmas Eve boxes for myself and my youngest daughter who says they are just for kids 😂😂😂😂😂 a pair of Christmas PJ’S that match my daughter’s wrapping paper money wallets and more tree ornaments, also bout a couple of Easter decorations and chocolates bars for Easter they are in date as it 6/23 that’s so far.”

The savy shopper keeps a notepad to keep track of what she’s got for everyone so far and says she’ll continue to shop for them throughout the year but doesn’t expect to be totally finished until the end of November!