Almost three quarters of those were female

175 people had weight-loss surgery in Irish hospitals last year, to tackle obesity.

According to freedom of information files, almost three quarters were female.

Bariatric surgery is an effective way to help and maintain weight-loss.

It reduces your hunger, restricts the amount of food you’re able to eat and absorb.

46 males and 129 females underwent obesity surgery in Irish hospitals last year.

Susie Birney is from the Irish Coalition for People Living with Obesity.

She had the procedure in the past.

She said: “I had type 2 diabetes and on the day of my surgery, my type 2 diabetes has been in remission – and that’s since 2015.

“It’s a life-changing, one method of treatment, for people who live with severe and complex obesity.”

In total, 175 people had obesity surgery last year – up from 130 in 2020.

But Susie Birney says many more would have the procedure – if it wasn’t for long waiting lists.

“It’s years, it’s not months… in the public system people have to wait years.

“They actually see their multi-disciplinary team first, and they go through that process.

“And then if they meet the criteria, they go on the list for metabolic surgery or bariatric surgery.

“And that can be a matter of years unfortunately”.

61 people aged between 30 and 44 had obesity surgery last year.