Feeling old yet?

Remember the hit chick flick 13 Going On 30?

It starred Jennifer Garner as a fed up teenage girl, Jenna Rink who dreams of being popular in school. After a humiliating 13th birthday party, she locks herself in her wardrobe and wishes she was 30.

In a strange turn of fate, her wish does come true and she finds herself with a boyfriend, a glam magazine job and more famous connections than she could possibly imagine.

The film starts and ends with the 13-year-old version of Jenna Rink, played by Christa B Allen. Christa posted a video on TikTok recently confirming that yep, she did play Jenna in the film. Plus, she’s almost 30 herself now.

@christaallen♬ everyone using this sound – zup

The video has been viewed over 10.8 million times and knocked up 2.1 million likes.

In it, Christa says:

“People be like ‘weren’t you the 13 year old in 13 Going On 30? Yup. And I’m almost 30 now. Feel old yet?”